Corporate Relocation Department

Our Corporate Relocation Department “touches” in some way over one third of our company’s business!  This department, the only one of its kind in Chicago's northern suburbs, consists of five full-time salaried professionals whose primary jobs are to help corporations relocate employees to and from the Chicago area, and to make the moves as trouble-free as possible for the transferees themselves.

  If you are a potential transferee considering a transfer to the Chicago area, we can help you in a number of ways.  We can arrange for an area tour, so you can get an idea of various communities in a short period of time. More specifically, we’re happy to email you listings of homes having whatever criteria you establish so you can get a feel for price levels. And we’re happy to select the right full-time, professional agent for you based on your specific needs. For more information, contact our Relocation Specialist.  

If you are considering a transfer out of this area, we can help you get started with the “preliminaries” of selling your home and provide a wealth of information on the destination you’re considering.  Regarding the sale of your current home, we can give you a preliminary indication of value (We’ll most likely complete a formal Broker's Market Analysis or BMA for your relocation company or employer at a later date.), suggest improvements to enhance your home’s value, and give you an idea of the current local market. We can also provide you a wealth of information on any destination location you have in mind.  And once again, we will select the most qualified agent for your situation. For more information, please contact our Relocation Specialist.

If you are a corporation or relocation company
, please contact Sue Carey, our Vice President, Corporate Accounts Manager, to see how we might be of service to you. Sue Carey has worked in relocation since 1980, holds the CRP and GMS designations, and has been active in the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (WERC), Corporate Relocation Council (CRC) in
Chicago, and serves as an executive board member of the Relocation Directors Council (RDC) for years. Most importantly, she is very “hands-on” and is familiar with all aspects of relocation from the standpoint of the employer, relocation company, and transferee.


If you are a potential transferee, here’s how to contact us regarding a possible “corporate” move:  If you already know one of our agents please contact him or her, and be sure to indicate you are involved a corporate move.  If you don’t know any agents in our office, please contact our Relocation Specialist who will answer your questions and assign you to an agent who is best suited to your particular needs and familiar with relocation policies and procedures.


Some important considerations:  First, whether moving to or from this area, it’s always a good idea to look over your company’s relocation policies and procedures before getting too far into the process, and specifically, before signing anything!  CENTURY 21 Kreuser and Seiler, Ltd. is intimately familiar with the “typical” relocation process, but no two companies’ policies are the same, and there can be some very costly consequences in not following your company’s (or relocation company’s) policies.


Secondly, many employers and relocation companies want to have a say in the company and/or agent you work with to buy or sell a home.  (This is often to make sure you end up with someone who is good, plus other considerations as well.) Many companies will let you choose your company or agent as long as they meet certain criteria and are familiar with your company’s relocation policies.  With few exceptions, CENTURY 21 Kreuser and Seiler, Ltd. works with all relocation companies, so feel free to let your employer or “relo” company know you are working with us.   If there’s ever a question, please have your relocation department contact our department manager, Mary Beth Kuper  at (847) 367-1171 x232. 


Moving without corporate benefits?  If your company has no specific benefit plan, you may qualify for one of CENTURY 21 Kreuser & Seiler's Affinity Programs, like USAA.  Please click here to learn more. 


Whether you are moving to or from our area, we will do everything we can to make the move as trouble-free as possible!  For more information, contact our Relocation Specialist.