School Information

“I want my children to go to good schools!”   Schools are understandably a top priority for many homebuyers.  Fortunately, the schools in northern Illinois are some of the best in the nation.  What makes a school “good” however, differs with just about every parent and child.  Your CENTURY 21 Kreuser and Seiler, Ltd. agent will be happy to provide you a variety of sources so you can compare schools by those criteria that are important to you.

For example, we recommend the Illinois Interactive Report Card website, or the Illinois State Board of Education website, Both contain a wealth of objective information on all Illinois schools.  We are also happy to set up meetings with administrators in any school you wish so you can get a first hand “feel” for the school and have all your questions answered. 

If you’ve never lived in northern Illinois, the following general information may be helpful:

  1. School district boundaries do not follow municipal boundaries.
  2. There can be multiple school districts serving any particular community, or one school district may serve more than one community.
  3. Elementary school districts are distinct from high school districts and (typically) have different boundaries. 
  4. Schools in Illinois are funded primarily by real estate taxes.
  5. Every home description (data sheet) will list the applicable elementary and high school district for that home, and often the specific schools.
  6. In addition to the public school system, there are several private and/or parochial schools throughout the area. We’re happy to supply you a list of them.

For additional information, please contact any agent you know in our office or click here.