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Here's One Word:  GUSTO. 
Maybe that last one was over the top.  But that's us.  All Guns Blazing.  All the Time. 


 Real estate sales can be a truly exciting and rewarding career!  From the standpoint of compensation (getting paid what you’re worth), flexible hours, and true satisfaction from helping people take a big step in their lives (buying or selling their home!), it’s hard to beat!
 Realistically speaking, it takes some time and investment to build your business.  The income is  not earned at regular intervals, you occasionally have to work when others aren’t (nights, weekends), and it’s actually harder work than most people realize. Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about real estate careers.
About CENTURY 21 Kreuser and Seiler, Ltd.
Our company specializes in helping people buy and sell homes throughout Lake County, Illinois. (See our market area.)  Our Libertyville office is one of the largest and most productive in the area.  We’ve also been highly successful helping people build successful real estate careers, and we look forward to exploring this possibility with you!
Although we don’t always have immediate openings, we are always interested in talking to potential candidates for full-time sales positions.  Our firm offers an exhaustive training program for new agents, high quality promotional material, an Agent Development Manager, a support team, an upbeat office environment, and the most recognized name in the real estate business—CENTURY 21®! For some other reasons to consider our company, please click on Why CENTURY 21 Kreuser and Seiler and Our Credentials.  Our Expectations sheet tells you what you can expect from us (and vice versa), and our Hiring Process is explained here.
What makes us unique...
Our company specializes in helping new agents get off to a fast start and helping all agents reach their full potential.  In addition to an exhaustive, on-going training program, we have an Agent Development Manager, Lauren Buchel.  A veteran trainer with years of real estate experience, Lauren’s responsibilities include coaching, mentoring, helping agents with the technological side of the business, and overseeing the entire training program. To our knowledge, no other office in our area has such a position in their office.


  Lauren is licensed, but like all CENTURY 21 Kreuser and Seiler, Ltd. management, she does not list or sell homes (compete with our agents).  Her job is to make it easier for all our agents to list and sell homes!  She’s been a tremendous help to all our agents!  If questions, please contact Lauren at (847) 367-1171 ext. 277 or click here.
Lauren Buchel
Agent Development Manager

If you’re not yet licensed …
It’s a relatively easy process to do so. Please click on Real Estate License Classes for all the details.  Once you have a license (or know you’ll have it in the near future), you can start the process of determining which company or office is best for you.  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions if you haven’t already.

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If you’re already licensed …
Or you’re are about to be, and are interested in knowing more about a full-time career in this area, please call Lauren Buchel, Agent Development Manager at (847) 367-1171 ext. 277 or click here and we’ll be happy to answer your questions over the phone or by email, or set up a time to meet.
If you’re licensed, but can’t sell full-time right now,
We have an program that will allow you to place your license with a non-REALTOR® “license holding company” at minimal cost (less than $75 annually), but still have the opportunity to earn substantial income (in many cases over $500) each time you refer a potential homebuyer or seller (including yourself!) to our office.  It’s a very cost effective way to hold your license until you decide on a full-time career. For details or necessary forms, please call Lauren Buchel, Agent Development Manager at (847) 367-1171 ext. 277 or click here.
If you’re an experienced agent,
If you’re considering a change of office and want to know how CENTURY 21 Kreuser and Seiler, Ltd. works, please call M.J. Seiler at (847) 367-1171 ext. 235, or Lauren Buchel, Agent Development Manager at (847) 367-1171 ext. 277 or click here.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Or better yet, let’s set up a time that we can meet confidentially to cover everything and see if we might be a good fit!

To hear a message from our President, Rick Davidson at CENTURY 21 Real Estate, click here.
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