Our Hiring Process

CENTURY 21 Kreuser and Seiler Hiring Process


Although subject to modification based on individual situations, our process for hiring agents new to the business is typically as follows:


After an initial phone or email contact, a personal interview is set up with Lauren Buchel, Agent Development Manager.  All prospective agents are then asked to fill out and return an Independent Contractor Application. 


Upon approval, a personal interview will be scheduled with either M.J. Seiler or Sue Carey, Co-Owners.  A hiring decision is then made within a day or two. The two-interview process gives the prospective agent two distinct views of the company, and allows the management of the company two separate impressions of the agent.


The company or office an agent chooses to work for is often the deciding factor in how quickly the agent gets started, and in his or her ultimate success or failure in the business.  It really pays for the prospective agent to do the research, ask questions, compare offices, and take the necessary time to feel comfortable about the decision.  (Like buying a home, it’s hard to know you’ve found the perfect one unless you’ve compared it to the others.)


Our hiring philosophy is different from that of most of our competitors.  Instead of hiring a lot of prospects and hoping that 20% or so (the industry standard) end up successful, we choose to be more selective, hire fewer (but better) agents, and then train, nurture, and support them so they all end up successful!


Our process for hiring experienced agents will usually start with a phone call or email to Lauren Buchel (or one of our owners) and will then proceed as circumstances dictate, taking into account issues such as confidentiality and timing. 

For more information on our hiring process or careers with our company, please contact Lauren Buchel at 847.367.1171 ext. 277 or
click here.